“The Branches is my lifeline. It isn’t just the meals and showers,
when I’m at Branches I feel like a normal human being again”.
Branches Client

On our doorsteps are the hidden homeless – we simply do not know how many. They are excluded from our community and face the dehumanising experience of life on the streets.

The Branches is a registered charity which has been helping homeless people since 1997. During the last year we have served thousands of hot meals to homeless people, benefited from the work of hundreds of volunteers and offered a network of professional support including:

Primary health care
• Benefits Advice
• Alcohol and Drugs Outreach
• Employment Opportunities
• Mental health support
• Counselling for the homeless

If you are homeless and have no-where to stay then you are welcome, provided you are able to stick to some basic house rules. See the Our Services page for more detailed information, opening hours and services available.

We would like to thank our Volunteers, Sponsors and Funders
without whom this would not be possible.

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Tel: 020 8520 6363 • Email: theoffice@wfcbranches.org.uk